Inner-Vision Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging Launches in South Cheshire

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Its with great pleasure that Inner-Vision Musculoskeletal Imaging has launched, to provide a comprehensive musculoskeletal scanning and reporting service.

Based in Hollinshead Podiatry clinic on Crewe Road in Shavington, Crewe, Cheshire.

Founder Kyle Foster is set to utilise his expertise in musculoskeletal ultrasound, bringing a unique scanning and reporting package for those suffering with musculoskeletal complaints. Kyle explains "I have a huge passion and unparalleled drive for musculoskeletal ultrasound. I have faith in this imaging technique for diagnosing many musculoskeletal ailments and the monitoring of injury recovery/rehabilitation"

With the backing from associates Hollinshead Podiatry, facilities have been provided in their new state of the art clinic to enable Inner-vision to launch this service, the first of its kind based in this region. Kyle reveals " Hollinshead podiatry and associates had the foresight to see the potential in musculoskeletal imaging and have fully backed the launch of this project, envisioning this as a key in the timely diagnosis and resulting treatment for many patients"

Kyle states " From the still burning fires of the covid pandemic, its apparent that with health resources and diagnostic services are understandably being prioritised to battle this virus. It inevitably has resulted in dramatically increased waiting times for those patients under investigation or presenting with musculoskeletal complaints."

Inner-vision can offer another option to those in need of a quick yet comprehensive diagnostic opinion on a troubling musculoskeletal complaint, from an accredited practitioner in the field of musculoskeletal imaging"

Come visit and sample the inner-vision experience

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