Image by Nadine Shaabana

Exclusion Criteria

Musculoskeletal ultrasound, although a powerful tool in the right hands, has some unavoidable limitations worth considering before booking a scan.

What We Cannot Scan

Inner - vision have made the decision to exclude certain criteria based on experience, knowledge of own limitations and in the patients best interests. We have a duty of care to our patients and this will always be our priority. Any referrals which unfortunately are rejected will be accompanied by a full justified explanation and advice where possible

  • Any patient with suspected cancer. These should be referred through the two week wait referral pathway.

  • Under 18s

  • Any ultrasound guided interventional procedure

  • Suspected pathology of intimate areas (Including male/female genitalia, breast or endocavity)

  • Investigations of the eyes or mouth

  • Superficial masses/lumps in the neck, axilla or groin


Certain contraindications also prohibit successful completion of an ultrasound examination and therefore render an ultrasound scan inappropriate

  • Refusal to consent to the examination​

  • No capacity to provide informed consent ​

  • Scanning over open wounds or areas of debridement​

  • Presence of infectious or contagious conditions (Although this would be risk assessed and determined on a case by case basis depending on the risk to patient and staff)

Unavoidable Limitations To Scanning

  • Extensive Scarring over the area

  • Severe Obesity

  • Intra-articular pathology (Inside the joint) - Frozen shoulder